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Submission Guidelines

  1. Submit early - we suggest submitting your announcement about ten days before you want it to run.
  2. Student organizations may submit an announcement for regular meetings once a semester.
  3. Announcements will be approved to run for one week
  4. Student submitted announcements must include the valid UMHB email address of sponsoring faculty or staff member.
  5. No fundraising announcements (including donation drives) will be approved.
Since you are not a faculty or staff member, please enter the faculty or staff member's name who is sponsoring this event or announcement.
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Residence Halls

Restricted: Requires permission from signage manager

Major Events Only

Note that most events selecting the major event boxes do not get approved for those venues. Please describe why this event or announcement should.
Format: 08/14/2020
When should we start displaying this announcement? This date should be one week from the end date.
Format: 08/14/2020
What is the last day you want your announcement to run? For events, this is typically the date of the event.
Event Information
If this announcement is announcing an event, please provide the following information.
Format: 14 Aug 2020
Format: 08:09AM
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